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BufferModel Class Reference

#include </tmp/quassel/src/client/buffermodel.h>

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Public Slots

void setCurrentIndex (const QModelIndex &newCurrent)
void switchToBuffer (const BufferId &bufferId)
void switchToBufferIndex (const QModelIndex &bufferIdx)
void switchToOrJoinBuffer (NetworkId network, const QString &bufferName, bool isQuery=false)
void switchToOrStartQuery (NetworkId network, const QString &nick)
void switchToBufferAfterCreation (NetworkId network, const QString &name)

Public Member Functions

 BufferModel (NetworkModel *parent=0)
bool filterAcceptsRow (int sourceRow, const QModelIndex &parent) const
const SelectionModelSynchronizerselectionModelSynchronizer () const
QItemSelectionModel * standardSelectionModel () const
void synchronizeSelectionModel (QItemSelectionModel *selectionModel)
void synchronizeView (QAbstractItemView *view)
QModelIndex currentIndex ()
BufferId currentBuffer ()

Private Slots

void debug_currentChanged (QModelIndex current, QModelIndex previous)
void newNetwork (NetworkId id)
void networkConnectionChanged (Network::ConnectionState state)
void newBuffers (const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end)

Private Member Functions

void newBuffer (BufferId bufferId)

Private Attributes

SelectionModelSynchronizer _selectionModelSynchronizer
QPair< NetworkId, QString > _bufferToSwitchTo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file buffermodel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

bool filterAcceptsRow ( int  sourceRow,
const QModelIndex &  parent 
) const

Definition at line 43 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References NetworkModel::ItemTypeRole, and NetworkModel::NetworkItemType.

const SelectionModelSynchronizer* selectionModelSynchronizer ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file buffermodel.h.

References _selectionModelSynchronizer.

QItemSelectionModel* standardSelectionModel ( ) const
void synchronizeSelectionModel ( QItemSelectionModel *  selectionModel)
void synchronizeView ( QAbstractItemView *  view)
BufferId currentBuffer ( )
void setCurrentIndex ( const QModelIndex &  newCurrent)
void switchToBufferIndex ( const QModelIndex &  bufferIdx)

Definition at line 104 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References setCurrentIndex().

void switchToOrJoinBuffer ( NetworkId  network,
const QString &  bufferName,
bool  isQuery = false 
void switchToOrStartQuery ( NetworkId  network,
const QString &  nick 
void switchToBufferAfterCreation ( NetworkId  network,
const QString &  name 

Definition at line 170 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References _bufferToSwitchTo.

Referenced by ClientUserInputHandler::switchBuffer().

void debug_currentChanged ( QModelIndex  current,
QModelIndex  previous 

Definition at line 139 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References NetworkModel::BufferIdRole.

Referenced by BufferModel().

void newNetwork ( NetworkId  id)

Definition at line 56 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References Client::network(), and networkConnectionChanged().

Referenced by BufferModel().

void networkConnectionChanged ( Network::ConnectionState  state)

Definition at line 65 of file buffermodel.cpp.

References currentIndex(), Network::networkId(), Client::networkModel(), and setCurrentIndex().

Referenced by newNetwork().

void newBuffers ( const QModelIndex &  parent,
int  start,
int  end 
void newBuffer ( BufferId  bufferId)

Member Data Documentation

QPair<NetworkId, QString> _bufferToSwitchTo

Definition at line 76 of file buffermodel.h.

Referenced by newBuffer(), switchToBufferAfterCreation(), and switchToOrJoinBuffer().

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