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CoreSessionEventProcessor Class Reference

#include </tmp/quassel/src/core/coresessioneventprocessor.h>

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void newEvent (Event *event)

Public Member Functions

 CoreSessionEventProcessor (CoreSession *session)
CoreSessioncoreSession () const
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventNumeric (IrcEventNumeric *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventAuthenticate (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventCap (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventInvite (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventJoin (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void lateProcessIrcEventKick (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventMode (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void lateProcessIrcEventNick (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void lateProcessIrcEventPart (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventPing (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventPong (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventQuit (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void lateProcessIrcEventQuit (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEventTopic (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent001 (IrcEventNumeric *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent005 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent221 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent250 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent265 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent266 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent301 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent305 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent306 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent307 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent310 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent311 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent312 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent313 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent315 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent317 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent322 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent323 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent324 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent331 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent332 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent352 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent353 (IrcEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent432 (IrcEventNumeric *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent433 (IrcEventNumeric *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processIrcEvent437 (IrcEventNumeric *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void processCtcpEvent (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpAction (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpClientinfo (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpDcc (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpPing (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpTime (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void handleCtcpVersion (CtcpEvent *event)
Q_INVOKABLE void defaultHandler (const QString &ctcpCmd, CtcpEvent *event)
QStringList providesHandlers ()

Protected Member Functions

bool checkParamCount (IrcEvent *event, int minParams)
CoreNetworkcoreNetwork (NetworkEvent *e) const
void tryNextNick (NetworkEvent *e, const QString &errnick, bool erroneous=false)
virtual void handle (const QString &member, QGenericArgument val0=QGenericArgument(0), QGenericArgument val1=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val2=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val3=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val4=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val5=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val6=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val7=QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val8=QGenericArgument())

Private Slots

void handleNetsplitJoin (Network *net, const QString &channel, const QStringList &users, const QStringList &modes, const QString &quitMessage)
 Joins after a netsplit.
void handleNetsplitQuit (Network *net, const QString &channel, const QStringList &users, const QString &quitMessage)
 Quits after a netsplit.
void handleNetsplitFinished ()
 Netsplit finished.
void handleEarlyNetsplitJoin (Network *net, const QString &channel, const QStringList &users, const QStringList &modes)
void destroyNetsplits (NetworkId network)
 Destroy any existing netsplits.

Private Attributes

QHash< Network *, QHash
< QString, Netsplit * > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file coresessioneventprocessor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void processIrcEventNumeric ( IrcEventNumeric event)
void processIrcEventAuthenticate ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEventCap ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEventInvite ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEventPing ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEventPong ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent221 ( IrcEvent event)

Definition at line 510 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void processIrcEvent250 ( IrcEvent event)

Definition at line 517 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void processIrcEvent265 ( IrcEvent event)

Definition at line 524 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void processIrcEvent266 ( IrcEvent event)

Definition at line 531 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void processIrcEvent306 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent310 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent312 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent313 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent315 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent322 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent323 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent324 ( IrcEvent event)

Definition at line 723 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References processIrcEventMode().

void processIrcEvent331 ( IrcEvent event)
void processIrcEvent332 ( IrcEvent event)
void handleCtcpAction ( CtcpEvent event)

Definition at line 999 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void handleCtcpClientinfo ( CtcpEvent event)
void handleCtcpPing ( CtcpEvent event)

Definition at line 1077 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References CtcpEvent::param(), and CtcpEvent::setReply().

void handleCtcpTime ( CtcpEvent event)

Definition at line 1083 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References CtcpEvent::setReply().

void handleCtcpVersion ( CtcpEvent event)

Definition at line 1089 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References Quassel::buildInfo(), and CtcpEvent::setReply().

void defaultHandler ( const QString &  ctcpCmd,
CtcpEvent event 

Definition at line 991 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

void tryNextNick ( NetworkEvent e,
const QString &  errnick,
bool  erroneous = false 
void handleNetsplitJoin ( Network net,
const QString &  channel,
const QStringList &  users,
const QStringList &  modes,
const QString &  quitMessage 

Joins after a netsplit.

This slot handles a bulk-join after a netsplit is over

netThe network
channelThe channel the users joined
usersThe list of users that joind the channel
modesThe list of modes the users get set
quitMessageThe message we received when the netsplit occured

Definition at line 879 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References Network::ircChannel(), Network::ircUser(), IrcChannel::joinIrcUsers(), newEvent(), and nickFromMask().

Referenced by processIrcEventQuit().

void handleNetsplitQuit ( Network net,
const QString &  channel,
const QStringList &  users,
const QString &  quitMessage 

Quits after a netsplit.

This slot handles a bulk-quit after a netsplit occured

netThe network
channelThe channel the users quitted
usersThe list of users that got split
quitMessageThe message we received when the netsplit occured

Definition at line 910 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References Network::ircUser(), newEvent(), nickFromMask(), and IrcUser::quit().

Referenced by processIrcEventQuit().

void handleNetsplitFinished ( )

Netsplit finished.

This slot deletes the netsplit object that sent the finished() signal

Definition at line 952 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References _netsplits, and Netsplit::network().

Referenced by processIrcEventQuit().

void handleEarlyNetsplitJoin ( Network net,
const QString &  channel,
const QStringList &  users,
const QStringList &  modes 
void destroyNetsplits ( NetworkId  network)

Destroy any existing netsplits.

This slot deletes all netsplit objects Used to get rid of existing netsplits on network reconnect

networkThe network we want to clear

Definition at line 964 of file coresessioneventprocessor.cpp.

References _netsplits, coreSession(), and CoreSession::network().

Referenced by CoreSessionEventProcessor().

QStringList providesHandlers ( )

Definition at line 45 of file basichandler.cpp.

References BasicHandler::handlerHash().

Referenced by handleCtcpClientinfo().

void handle ( const QString &  member,
QGenericArgument  val0 = QGenericArgument(0),
QGenericArgument  val1 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val2 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val3 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val4 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val5 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val6 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val7 = QGenericArgument(),
QGenericArgument  val8 = QGenericArgument() 

Member Data Documentation

CoreSession* _coreSession

Definition at line 149 of file coresessioneventprocessor.h.

Referenced by coreSession().

QHash<Network *, QHash<QString, Netsplit *> > _netsplits

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