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AbstractSqlMigrator::NetworkMO Struct Reference

#include </tmp/quassel/src/core/abstractsqlstorage.h>

Collaboration diagram for AbstractSqlMigrator::NetworkMO:

Public Attributes

NetworkId networkid
UserId userid
QString networkname
IdentityId identityid
QString encodingcodec
QString decodingcodec
QString servercodec
bool userandomserver
QString perform
bool useautoidentify
QString autoidentifyservice
QString autoidentifypassword
bool useautoreconnect
int autoreconnectinterval
int autoreconnectretries
bool unlimitedconnectretries
bool rejoinchannels
bool connected
QString usermode
QString awaymessage
QString attachperform
QString detachperform
bool usesasl
QString saslaccount
QString saslpassword

Detailed Description

Definition at line 172 of file abstractsqlstorage.h.

Member Data Documentation

QString networkname
QString encodingcodec
QString decodingcodec
QString servercodec
bool userandomserver
QString perform
bool useautoidentify
QString autoidentifyservice
QString autoidentifypassword
bool useautoreconnect
int autoreconnectinterval
int autoreconnectretries
bool unlimitedconnectretries
bool rejoinchannels
bool connected
QString usermode
QString awaymessage
QString attachperform
QString detachperform
bool usesasl
QString saslaccount
QString saslpassword

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