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TransferManager Class Reference

#include </tmp/quassel/src/common/transfermanager.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void setInitialized ()
void requestUpdate (const QVariantMap &properties)
virtual void update (const QVariantMap &properties)


void transferAdded (const Transfer *transfer)
void initDone ()
void updatedRemotely ()
void updated ()

Public Member Functions

 TransferManager (QObject *parent=0)
virtual const QMetaObject * syncMetaObject () const
QList< QUuid > transferIds () const
virtual QVariantMap toVariantMap ()
 Stores the object's state into a QVariantMap.
virtual void fromVariantMap (const QVariantMap &properties)
 Initialize the object's state from a given QVariantMap.
virtual bool isInitialized () const
void setAllowClientUpdates (bool allow)
bool allowClientUpdates () const

Protected Slots

virtual void onCoreTransferAdded (const QUuid &uuid)

Protected Member Functions

Transfertransfer_ (const QUuid &uuid) const
void addTransfer (Transfer *transfer)
void sync_call__ (SignalProxy::ProxyMode modeType, const char *funcname,...) const
void renameObject (const QString &newName)

Private Attributes

QHash< QUuid, Transfer * > _transfers

Static Private Attributes

static const int _classNameOffset__ = QByteArray(staticMetaObject.className()).length() + 2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file transfermanager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TransferManager ( QObject *  parent = 0)

Definition at line 27 of file transfermanager.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const QMetaObject* syncMetaObject ( ) const

Reimplemented from SyncableObject.

Definition at line 37 of file transfermanager.h.

QList< QUuid > transferIds ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file transfermanager.cpp.

References _transfers.

void transferAdded ( const Transfer transfer)

Referenced by addTransfer().

Transfer * transfer_ ( const QUuid &  uuid) const

Definition at line 34 of file transfermanager.cpp.

References _transfers.

Referenced by CoreTransferManager::transfer(), and ClientTransferManager::transfer().

void addTransfer ( Transfer transfer)
virtual void onCoreTransferAdded ( const QUuid &  uuid)

Definition at line 49 of file transfermanager.h.

Referenced by addTransfer().

QVariantMap toVariantMap ( )

Stores the object's state into a QVariantMap.

The default implementation takes dynamic properties as well as getters that have names starting with "init" and stores them in a QVariantMap. Override this method in derived classes in order to store the object state in a custom form.

This is used by SignalProxy to transmit the state of the object to clients that request the initial object state. Later updates use a different mechanism and assume that the state is completely covered by properties and init* getters. DO NOT OVERRIDE THIS unless you know exactly what you do!
The object's state in a QVariantMap

Definition at line 91 of file syncableobject.cpp.

References SignalProxy::ExtendedMetaObject::methodBaseName(), and SignalProxy::ExtendedMetaObject::methodName().

Referenced by BufferViewSettingsPage::cloneConfig(), AliasesModel::commit(), IgnoreListModel::commit(), ClientBufferViewConfig::ensureDecoration(), IrcConnectionWizard::finishClicked(), SignalProxy::initData(), CoreNetworkConfig::save(), BufferViewSettingsPage::save(), and ClientBufferViewManager::setInitialized().

void fromVariantMap ( const QVariantMap &  properties)

Initialize the object's state from a given QVariantMap.

See Also
toVariantMap() for important information concerning this method.

Definition at line 135 of file syncableobject.cpp.

References SyncableObject::setInitValue().

Referenced by BufferViewConfig::BufferViewConfig(), BufferViewSettingsPage::cloneConfig(), Network::newIrcChannel(), Network::newIrcUser(), SignalProxy::setInitData(), and SyncableObject::update().

void setAllowClientUpdates ( bool  allow)
bool allowClientUpdates ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file syncableobject.h.

References SyncableObject::_allowClientUpdates.

Referenced by SyncableObject::requestUpdate().

void update ( const QVariantMap &  properties)
void sync_call__ ( SignalProxy::ProxyMode  modeType,
const char *  funcname,
) const
void renameObject ( const QString &  newName)
void initDone ( )
void updatedRemotely ( )
void updated ( )

Member Data Documentation

const int _classNameOffset__ = QByteArray(staticMetaObject.className()).length() + 2

Definition at line 33 of file transfermanager.h.

QHash<QUuid, Transfer *> _transfers

Definition at line 49 of file transfermanager.h.

Referenced by addTransfer(), transfer_(), and transferIds().

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