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HtmlPage Class Reference

Represent a single Html page. More...

Inheritance diagram for HtmlPage:
HtmlContainer HtmlElement PsfObject

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($_title, $_parent=NULL)
 AppendHeader ($text, $level=1)
 Insert a header on bottom of current body of the page.
 PrintHtml ()
 Prints a html source code of a page into stdout.
 ToHtml ()
 Return whole html page as a string.
- Public Member Functions inherited from HtmlContainer
 __construct ($_parent=NULL)
 AppendHtmlLine ($html, $indent=-1)
 Insert a line of html into body of a page (to bottom of the body). If $indent contains anything else than -1 it's indented by that value, if it's -1 the indentation is automatic.
 AppendHtml ($html, $indent=-1)
 AppendParagraph ($text)
 AppendPreformatted ($text)
 AppendPre ($text)
 AppendLine ()
 AppendObject ($object, $indent=-1)
 _gen_html_tag ($name, $value, $param="")
 html_b ($text)
 html_div ($text)
 html_font ($text, $param="")
 html_p ($text)
 InsertFileToBody ($f)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HtmlElement
 __clone ()
 DisableIndenting ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PsfObject
 SetParent ($_parent)
 GetParent ($_parent)

Public Attributes

 Title of the page.
 Body of a page (not a full html source code, but user defined body), in most cases you never need to directly use this.
 $UseTidy = false
 If enabled php module "tidy" will be used to format the output source code, it needs to be installed on server.
 $CssFile = NULL
 $InternalCss = array()
 $ExternalCss = array()
 $Style = NULL
 $ExternalJs = array()
 $Prefix_Head = ''
 $Suffix_Head = ''
 $InternalJs = array()
 $HtmlVersion = 5
 $Encoding = "UTF-8"
 $AutoRefresh = 0
 $Header_Meta = array()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HtmlContainer
 ReplaceControl ($text)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HtmlContainer
 $Items = array()
 $cIndent = 4

Detailed Description

Represent a single Html page.

In order to create and print htmlpage with title Hello world you just do:

$html_page = new HtmlPage('Hello world');

Definition at line 32 of file htmlpage.php.

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