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HtmlTable Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HtmlTable:
HtmlElement PsfObject

Public Member Functions

 GetFormat ()
 AppendRow (array $cells, $default_style=NULL)
 InsertRow (array $cells, $default_style=NULL)
 Insert a new row by array that consist of html blocks only if you want to directly append array of html cells, just append directly to $this->Rows instead.
 RowCount ()
 ToCSV ($separator=";", $replace_quotas=false)
 Converts the table to CSV format and return as a string.
 ToHtml ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HtmlElement
 __clone ()
 DisableIndenting ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PsfObject
 __construct ($_parent=NULL)
 SetParent ($_parent)
 GetParent ($_parent)

Public Attributes

 $Class = NULL
 $Format = NULL
 $Headers = array()
 $BorderSize = 1
 $NameAsClass = false
 If you set this every column will have a same class as its name as long as it contains valid symbols this is useful in combination with javascript.
 $Width = NULL
 $Rows = array()
 This is array of cell arrays, or at least that is expected.
 $RepeatHeader = 0
 Put number bigger than zero in order to repeat headers after N rows.
- Public Attributes inherited from HtmlElement
 $Indentation = 0
 $Indent = True
 $Style = NULL
 $ClassName = NULL
 The class of html element, if HTML5, this will be added as <element class="text"> if not NULL.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from PsfObject
 $Parent = NULL

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